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Areas of Expertise

Receptive and expressive language difficulties, delay and disorders
I use play, curriculum topic work and activities of interest to engage your child and develop their language skills. I am able to use therapy approaches such as colourful semantics, developing language through stories and support with topic maintenance and auditory memory difficulties.

Profound and severe learning difficulties 
I will work with you and your child to develop core skills such as anticipation, cause and effect, joint attention which are all pre-requisites to communication. If appropriate I can support your child to use Augmentative and Alternative Communication Systems such as switches, communication books, the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS). 

Autistic Spectrum Condition/ Disorder
I will support your child to understand what is expected of him/her by providing a clear structure and predictability within my sessions. I use visual timetables and symbol based Alternative and Augmentative Communication Systems (AAC) such as PECS, communication books and Grid 3 as well as spoken language in order to support understanding of language, expression and development of social skills. I use Attention Autism strategies and have trained in the Lis'n'Tell story based approach. 

Makaton is a structured sign system that is used alongside spoken language, key words are signed to support understanding. I am a Regional Makaton Tutor and use Makaton during most of my therapy sessions. I can also support your child to develop their use of Makaton. Evidence shows that all children develop gesture prior to learning language and that language pathways and gesture are neurologically linked. Makaton is always used alongside spoken language and supports the development of spoken language as well as sign. 

Dysfluency (stammering)
I am a committee member for the South-East and London Clinical Excellence Network, we plan and run study days, supporting therapists to maintain and extend specialist knowledge around stammering. I am Lidcombe trained and have attended extensive training at the Michael Palin Centre including their 2 week therapy group and Palin PCI. I can offer cognitive behavioural therapy as well as solution focused brief therapy. I support children to become confident communicators. 

Speech delay, disorder and Verbal Dyspraxia
I will support your child to develop their phonological awareness skills and teach them how to produce speech sounds accurately. Speech difficulties can be particularly frustrating for children and I am here to support you and your child. Practice makes perfect when it comes to speech so I will give you lots of ideas for activities to carry out at home or school. 

Direct work with school
I have worked alongside education colleagues for many years. I have led early intervention groups, story-bag sessions, vocabulary themed groups, student magazine sessions, social and friendship group work. I pride myself on providing bespoke services dependent on the needs of the school. 

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