As a family we cannot recommend Jess highly  enough! Our son Jacob was diagnosed with Dyslexia and ADHD when he was 7. Jacob has a stutter which is dictated by anxiety. Jess worked with Jacob weekly to develop strategies to help him cope in stressful situations. Jacob is still using the techniques taught by Jess on a daily basis and it really has helped to boost his self- esteem and overall wellbeing. Jacob is now a mentor for younger children with speech and language needs which he thoroughly enjoys. We are very grateful for all the confidence and support Jess has given Jacob.


Jess assessed my 3 year old Eddie when it was highlighted to me by his nursery that he may need some speech therapy.  Jess assessed Eddie in a short session focused on play (which he thoroughly enjoyed) and explained to me really clearly where Eddie needed help and how she could assist.  We had 30 minute sessions with Jess on a weekly basis and it was amazing how quickly Jess built a bond with Eddie who is normally shy in such situations.  He was very happy about Jess coming to do the sessions and really enjoyed them.  The best thing though was the results.  One of the clearest results is that Eddie is now far more confident to speak which has made a hugely positive impact on him socialising with other children and adults.  Also where before our Google speaker could not understand Eddie's instructions he now very proudly asks it to play his favourite songs.  Jess advised me when Eddie no longer needed the sessions and Eddie is now at school and doing really well. I have no hesitation in recommending Jess.